Jesse actually got to meet with some syndicate representatives due to his high-falutin' AP ways. Here's one of the letters we gave out, hoping to get picked up. For all the good it did.

September 21, 1996

Diana Loevy
Vice President, Editorial Director
United Feature Syndicate
200 Madison Ave,
New York, NY 10016

Dear Ms. Loevy:

Thank you for the interest your company has shown in Hippie and the Black Guy, a comic strip ready to burst into the public eye after a year of unprecedented success on the World Wide Web and in Mississippi.

With its unique look at race relations in America, HATBaG stands alone on any comics page, and leaves its readers not only laughing, but thinking as they wait for the next installment. We think the creative energy this strip brings would be a natural blend for the company that already features the cutting edge Dilbert, Jump Start and LuAnn.

This packet contains a proof of HATBaG's Greatest Hits, a specialty publication put together for the HATBaG Fan Club. We hope that this gives you a better idea of what Hippie and the Black Guy is about and what could be accomplished with HATBaG as part of your syndicate.

Truly, we believe that the biting, satirical look that HATBaG brings to any comics page is unique and ready to be brought outside of its current confines of the Internet and Mississippi. HATBaG could accomplish great things for your syndicate, if only given the opportunity.

Once again, we appreciate you looking at our material and we hope to hear from you soon.


HATBaG Productions
David Hitt
Jesse Holland
Lain Hughes