Hippie and the Black Guy Fun Facts

Did you know the following fun facts? We bet you didn't! Well, now you do, and just imagine how jealous all your friends are going to be when you whip these little bits o' trivia out at parties. Collect 'em, trade 'em... it's fun, it's safe, and, best of all, it takes up an extra page in this book, allowing us to jack up the price that much more!

FUN FACT #1: "Hippie and the Black Guy" got us featured on television. OK, granted, it was the local college news broadcast, which had a total viewership of about twelve, and of those three of them were dogs, but we still thought it was cool enough to prattle on about it for weeks.

FUN FACT #2: "Hippie and the Black Guy' got us big "creator" discounts at a comic book store in Memphis, where we sold a few copies. Well, it was important to us.

FUN FACT #3: The smallest county in the United States is New York County, which is inside New York City! Wacky but true.

FUN FACT #4: For a brief time, the University used "Hippie and the Black Guy" as quasi-official mascots for the school's diversity training program. And later, the University Honors Program used a strip on a T-shirt. Which just goes to show, people will use anything if it's free.

FUN FACT #5: At various points, we have seriously considered making and marketing: A HATBAG Christmas Video, a HATBAG radio adaptation, a HATBAG T-shirt, a HATBAG series of collectible mugs, a HATBAG greeting card, a HATBAG line of fine corn chip snacks, a HATBAG syndicated strip, a HATBAG spin-off. Total estimated income we have squandered by not following these ideas up: $12,873,013.75.

FUN FACT #6: We lived in the same town as John Grisham, and we're pretty sure that one of the scenes in his forthcoming novel The Runaway Jury is based on one of our strips. But, hey, we're not the suing kind.

FUN FACT #7: We actually won an award for our strip once. We don't exactly remember what it was, but Jesse had the good sense to enter us in a student magazine contest, and we won... something. We think the certificate, if there is one, is at Jesse's house. Somewhere.

FUN FACT #8: HATBAG was, as far as we know, the first and only computer-generated daily comic strip in the entire state of Mississippi. If your research shows something different, please keep it to yourself.

FUN FACT #9: Many of the incidental characters in HATBAG were based on real campus personalities. That's all you're getting out of us about that topic.

FUN FACT #10: Many of the strip ideas were originally conceived during Mexican-food-and-comic-book binges in Memphis, Tennessee. In fact, that's where we're going as soon as we finish his "fun facts" page. Well, will you look at that... bye.