This is a letter Lain sent the rest of the group in Spring 1995

Well, guys, we need to decide how we're going to end HATBAG, if, indeed, that's what we want to do. Current options include:

1) Hippie goes "straight," cuts hair, etc.
2) Everybody dies.
3) Hollywood decides to make a Hippie and the Black Guy movie, pays H and BG big bucks, and they move to Maui.
4) Strip cancelled by newspaper for some made-up offense.
5) Hippie reveals that HE is the Black Guy's father (or vice versa)
6) Hippie becomes a woman; Black Guy becomes a monk.

As you can see, these are pretty weak. I need something better by the end of the month or sometime next month (I told them that we could keep doing it until they had a replacement ready, syndicated or non, so it may be mid-February).
By the by, here are the ones I've run so far this semester. Please send me more!
See ya ---
Lain "The L" Hughes