January 1994

Origin, Deadhead, Sorority Girl, The Prof, Big Day, The Bursar.

February 1994

Major, Frat Guy, Watch The Game?, Roommates, Bettysayz, Gangs, Lying, MalcolMLK, Cars V. Squirells, Sorority2, Do Not, Bugs Bunny, SGATBG, Stereos, Snow, Baker, Sesquicentenial.

March 1994

Strip, History, History2, Nighttime, Hippie is Spinning, Mall Strip, Drug Strip, Dixie, Hippie's Purpose, Professors, Honor's Geek, Group Affiliation, Movie, Couple in the Grove, Crack, ASB Pres, Nighttime2, Campus Pol.

April 1994

Music, Sacred Ivory, Doors Strip, DS9, Father Father, Great Author, Nighttime Desperation, CRUNCH go de glasses, Hooked..., Blackballed, Black Day, Black Plague, White Day, Bursar's Back, Animaniacs, Honor's Test, Condoms, Hippy Job.

May 1994

Finding My Religion, Prof's Back, Time Warp, Prof's Final, Revenge.

June 1994

Ms. Pres One, Sad Prof, Roots, Political Discussion, Black Out, Oreos, Greek, Duck Suit, Tanning, Cologne, Ms. Pres Two, Ms. Pres Three, Ms. Pres Four, SudaFriday, Alien, The Price is Clinton, Captain, Pony Tail Hippie, T-Shirts.

July 1994

What Holiday?, Schizophrenia Times Two, Moon Shot, Yellow Journalism, Loner, Farrakhan O.J., Snob Girl and the Bow, Network Boys, O.J. Survey, O.J. Survey - Hippie, Firm Hippie, Movie Reference, Hippie Vanilli, Something's Brewing, Bill The Prof, Is Nothing Sacred, Nothing Personal, We're Back.

August 1994

Haircut, Wiggin' Out, Final Mission, Woodstock Upchuck, Premises, Premises, Arcade Loan, Das Boot, I Smell Pizza, Pop Goes the Tart, VCR Broken, Dirty Lennon.

September 1994

Honk, Fooball, Check It Out, Vegetarimaniac, I Saw The Mime, Bite Me, Hatboy, Gilligan Tonight, Fuzzy-Wuzzy Chem 101, Odo on the Window, Fooball2, Veggie Boy2, I Haiti This One, Canada2, Hippie in the Box, La Boite du phone, Little Brother One, Oh Brother, DARKwing, Boy Oh Boy, White Out, Floored Hippie.

October 1994

Beam Me Up, Yakety Yak, Elevator Study Break, Dungeons and Dating, Bye-Byemobile, Darkwing's Back, He Asked, Puttin' It Off, Spung Band, Clinton and Clinton Inc., Mexican Hatbag, Two Roomies, Radio Free Oxford, Pump Up the Hippie, Fast Girl.

November 1994

Registrar Called, Nighttime Revelation, Crossover, Veggie3, Cursory Strip, Terminal O'Hara, Thus Saith The Hippie, JoJo Was A Sock, Voter Apathy, Jodie Foster Luvs Hippie, Lots of Pizza, Holidays Plans, Pope Fiction, Spung Band, Turkey, Probation.

December 1994

Hippie Tonight, Still Darkwing, Hippie Ain't Getting Any, Easy one, Darkwing Again, Buncha Black Guys, A Hatbag Christmas.

January 1995

Here's To You, Hippie, AquaWindex Man, Gerald I'm Home, Hippie Ben Gay, Hippie Ben Gay Again, Where Dat Connie At, BG in a can, Ol' Melanin Switcharoo, Farewell, Ye Darkwing, Sssssmokin', Buck (or Butt) Naked, Naked Nintendo, Naked to the World, O.J. Downer, R. Tiberius Gerald.

February 1995

Goodbye, Norma Booman, Nudes at Eleven, Lance 'Em, The Hatbag Gold Card, SATBAG, C'est La Bursar, I, The Hippie, Call Me The Black Guy, VGA Lovelight, Would You Be My Hippie, SighBurrsPace, You Go East, Girl, cShPaUnNgGe, Dehippification, Now Lyceum, Now I Don't, The Resume, About Last Night, Omega Omega Alpha.